How You Can Have Guaranteed Life Long Confidence

As you are reading this article I guess you want a few things, including:
1 - You want confidence, or more confidence.
2 - You want to know that once you've got your confidence you are not going to become insecure again, you want to stay confident.

Well the good news for you is that it's totally possible for you to:
1 - Become confident, or more confident, and
2 - Once you've become confident, or more confident - it's perfectly possible for you to - keep that confidence - FOR LIFE!

I bet, right now you are both:
1 - Excited, and
2 - Sceptical.

So how do you achieve and maintain this confidence? First things first.
1 - It's going to involve some hard work on your part, and
2 - You are going to have to work at it every day for the rest of your life.

Now a lot of people having read that, are going to close this web page and not come back. I wish them well. What about you? Are you going to be like them? Or are you willing to pay the price for lifelong confidence guaranteed? If you are still reading this, there is hope for you, hope that you are about to become more confident, and become more confident - for life. Okay, as you are still with me, I will now introduce you to the three stages of having lifelong confidence - guaranteed. The first two stages you only have to do once. The third stage you have to do - every day - for life! If that scares you leave now. If you want more, and may be willing to work at your confidence daily, and for life - keep reading. Feel free to leave this article at any point, but just remember, if you do, you may be giving up a life time of guaranteed confidence.

Stage One: Create A Daily Confidence Study Tracker
What you need to do is to create a document that lists every day between now and when you'll die. You can either make your document a paper one, or an electronic one, or both. I have gone for both. Now, there is a problem, you don't know when you'll die. To overcome this, you need to work off three dates:

1 - Today's date
2 - The date you'll obtain the expected life expectancy for the country you live in, and
3 - The date you'll be 123 years old, if you live that long.

Let's look at these in more detail.
1 - This is straight forward.
2 - All you need to do is a quick web search and you'll find your expected life span for your country. Just add this to your date of birth and you'll have the date you are expected to die.
3 - Why 123 years old? It's because Jeanne Calment, who died on the 4th August 1997, lived to be 122 years and 164 days old, the oldest recorded human being. I've just rounded it up to 123 years.

Once you have your three dates you'll be ready to create your Daily Confidence Study Tracker. For my printed tracker I've used a Word document, and it's about 15 pages long. My electronic tracker is an Excel spread sheet. Each has a column for each year between now and my 123 years old date, and a row for each day in the year. That's a lot of boxes!

Stage Two: Decide On and Design Your Daily Confidence Study Activity
The next stage is to design an activity that you'll do every day that will increase your confidence. Examples could be:
1 - To read one web page on confidence.
2 - To watch one online video on confidence.
3 - To read 50 locations in an eBook on confidence.
4 - To spend 30 seconds visualising yourself being very confident, and to do this five times in a day.
5 - Set a timer and write out, for five minutes, the things you've got right today, both big things and small things.
6 - Spend five minutes, looking at objects e.g. a C.A.T. and spell that object out using positive words with the phrase "I am... " in front of the words. For example "I am clever", "I am amazing", and "I am terrific."
7 - Set a timer and write out, for five minutes, the blessings you have in your life, both big things and small things.

As you are designing your activity, make it easy and quick (taking no more than roughly five minutes). This will make it much more likely that you'll consistently do the item each day. And as you will see below, you can redesign your activity after you've been doing it a while.

Stage Three: Do Your First Day's Daily Confidence Study Activity, And Mark It Off On Your Tracker
Now all that's left to do, is to actually do your activity. On each day, once you've done your activity, mark on your tracker to say that you've done it. On day one I would suggest that as soon as you've designed your activity, do your activity straight away.

The aim is between now and when you die, to do your activity on as many days as possible. You are unlikely to score 100% of days, but that shouldn't stop you trying. Go for the highest score possible.

Now, you'll get to stage when the first activity you've designed has become a habit of yours. You'll do it without thinking. Congratulations, you have achieved a major step to becoming confident for life. Now, there is no sense keeping as your activity something that you now do automatically, so you'll have to design a new activity. Use that activity and the tracker until the new activity also becomes a habit. And so on.

As long as you keep using the tracker each day, you will slowly build up confidence building habits one after the other. As long as you keep using the checker each day, your confidence will grow and grow and - that is guaranteed for life.