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The Confidence Guidebook


The Confidence Guidebook, is a guide on how to become confident and how to stay confident. This book contains quick tips for giving you a confidence boost. It also contains guidance on how you can increase your confidence over the long term, and develop a very strong and durable confidence.


42 Days To Confidence


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42 Days To Confidence: How To Guarantee You Will Be Confident In Just Six Weeks Time. Why forty two days? It's because this is the length of time it takes you to develop a habit. This book will explain in quick and easy terms:
- Six keys to being confident
- How to make becoming confident easy on yourself
- How to become confident now, and keep that confidence forever
- How to create habits that support your confidence


The books below are, also available from all main ebook retailers.

The A to Z of Confidence


This book contains over 230 topics on confidence covering every area of your life, including: 

Alcohol, Anger, Buddhism, Bullies, Changes, Comparing yourself with others, Dating, Depression, Emotions, Exercise, Failure, Family, Goal setting, Gratitude, Health, Asking for help, Ill health, Insults, Your job, Loneliness, Love, Mindful living, Mistakes / errors, Needs of others, Nervousness, Opportunities, Over confidence, Perfectionism, Phobias, Recreational drugs, Relationships, Self, Loathing, Shyness, Threats, to your confidence, Time management, Weaknesses, Wealth Weight

Confident Weight Loss

How To Drop Your Weight By Increasing Your Confidence.  The more confident you are, the closer you’ll be to your ideal weight. The less confident you are, the more overweight you’ll be. You can decrease your weight, just by increasing your confidence. Increasing your confidence is not hard. In this book I set out: 1 – The connection between weight loss and confidence, and 2 – Tips and techniques for increasing your confidence.


How To Love Forever

This book will help you have a long lasting loving relationship. You may often hear of how high the divorce rate is, and assume that it's difficult to have a long and loving relationship. What you don't really hear about though, are the millions of people, who have been together - FOR MANY MANY YEARS - in a close and loving relationship. They get on with enjoying life together without it hitting the headlines. This book reveals some of their secrets.


A Quick Guide To Living Forever

This book is not meant to be the last word on longevity, or a comprehensive book on it. What it will do for you is to help you realise that:
- To a great extent you control how long you will live.
- There are many things you can do to
1– Give yourself extra years of life, and
2 – Make yourself healthier in those extra years.

The one thing I would encourage you to do above everything else is to – become a student of longevity. Decide now that you’ll
1 – Learn as much as you can about how to live longer, and
2 – Put those lessons into practice.
And you can start rignt now, with my book.


Quick And Easy Confidence

Do you want to become confident? Do you think it's hard? Do you think it will take a long time? 
If you do, then this book is good news for you. 
In my book I explain how becoming confident takes only a few seconds, and is easy.
If you don't believe me, read my book.
One you are confident you can tackle whatever challenges you are facing, and this will pay you double:
1 - You'll overcome your challenge.
2 - You will build a strong and lasting confidence.
So, if you are nervous, fearful, worryful or just not sure how you are going to get through the day, this is the book for you.


A Quick Six Great Confidence Tips

This short book contains my best six techniques for increasing your confidence. You can read it in under an hour. Three techniques give you a quick confidence boost. Three techniques help you build a long lasting foundation of confidence. All six techniques are quick and easy to do, and will give you an instant boost of confidence. My book is short and to the point, so you can get down to business straight away and start feeling better about yourself.


30 Seconds To Happiness

This book will make you happier. Guaranteed. And make you happier in just thirty seconds. Don’t believe me? Just spend 30 seconds thinking of your favourite comedy character in your favourite comedy program. Then think of you favourite scene. I bet you are happier now than 30 seconds ago. Works doesn’t it? It only takes 30 seconds to make yourself happier. See this tip and more in my short book.